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From the capital city Addis Ababa to the ancient Aksumite civilisation’s obelisks (Axum) and the fascinating architectural wonders of medieval Lalibela to the castles of Gonder and the blessed 4th city of Islam walled ‘Harar’, Ethiopia wears its history on its sleeve and what a history it is.

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The Earth’s crust is separating here, tearing apart along three deep rifts geologists call the Afar Triangle, forming the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden emerge on land and meet Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Dalol is an acid lake found in the heart of Danakil. It is an alien, strange, hyperactive volcanic, a mixture of brilliant yellows, oranges and blues landscape.


Ethiopia is home for rare and endemic species, yet the land of natural and cultural mysteries. The amazing traditional dances and musical instrument sounds will take your breath away. The marvelous arts and plants that have been used for decades as a traditional medicine are some of specialities.

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Ethiopia is one of the most diverse and captivating countries in the continent with exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture. Our company offers fully tailor-made responsible itineraries throughout Ethiopia, combining well known destinations with unique and off the beaten track experiences, and also fair trade tourism certified travel packages.


Ethiopia offers some of the continent’s best hiking trails, crossing landscapes ranging from mountain, elevated plateau varying in height between 2,000 and 3,000 metres. Simien Trek offers tailor-made trips and treks throughout Ethiopia, providing some of the best customer service available. Covering an area of 2200km2 Bale Mountains National Park is the largest remaining alpine habitat on the African continent.

East Africa

Explore the world’s top magnificent peaks and large conservation of wildlife in Kenya, world’s fresh water and deepest African Great Lakes region in Uganda and Tanzania, Djibouti the strategically located near the world’s busiest shipping lanes, controlling access to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

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Bird Watching

Ethiopia presents an exquisite world of nature to the visitor. Amongst its natural assets its birds stand out as the most beautiful, a result of their colour, splendour and unique behaviour. The country has a surprisingly large number of endemic and near-endemic birds. Over 850 species of birds exist in Ethiopia, either as breeding birds or as passage migrants.

National Parks

Ethiopia’s national parks mirror the country’s immense sweeps of savanna and mountains, breath-taking scenery, inhabited by vast herds of charismatic mega fauna. Catch a glimpse of the most exciting national park destinations.


Some of the oldest evidence for anatomically modern humans has been found in Ethiopia, which is widely considered the region from which modern humans first set out for the Middle East and places beyond.

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